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Anesthesia Dynamics’s recruitment priority is providing and retaining high-quality experienced physician and CRNA professionals. Our dedication to local recruitment is a differentiating factor that sets our team apart from the others.

Physician/CRNA Credentialing

Anesthesia Dynamics’s comprehensive credentialing team ensures hospitals and ASCs receive uninterrupted access to the highest quality anesthesia providers. AD works with each facility individually to certify that the physicians and CRNAs meet all requirements. In addition, the credentialing team will ensure all related documentation updates are completed in a timely manner and tracked appropriately.

Locum Tenens

Anesthesia Dynamics partners with MedRecruits to provide a full range of staffing services to meet the unique needs of each healthcare facility. The medical teams are supported by a team of managerial personnel, including the Medical Directors, Practice Managers and Operational Vice Presidents, who oversee the operations of the clinical area.


We provide full payroll, accounting (i.e. Operating Statements, Balance Sheets, Bank Reconciliations, General Ledger, Accounts Payable), and tax preparation services.

Legal Coordination

Our services include providing compliance plans, audits, contract negotiations, employment and independent contractor agreements along with legal alerts.

Group Purchasing

AD has the ability to form master malpractice policies, captive policies and full group benefits (healthcare insurance, retirement, financial wellness).

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