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Important Information about your (Patient or Guarantor of Patient) Financial Responsibility for our Anesthesia Care:

  • Although we aggressively pursue to participate in all payor health plans, your insurance plan may not consider us to be in-network. As such, it is important you are aware of your financial responsibility if we are determined by your health insurer to be out-of-network.

  • If your health insurance adjudicates our claim for your services out-of-network, we determine your financial responsibility using the FairHealth in-network price. You can find this information at ( using the zip code of the facility you have having the procedure along with the CPT code for your anesthesia service.   You can obtain the CPT code by contacting us or you maybe able to obtain it from your surgeon. The amount your health insurance pays us less the Fairhealth price will be your financial responsibility.   

  • In the event your health insurance considers us out-of-network, we will appeal this determination on your behalf to have the Fairhealth price covered by your health insurance. For more information on this appeal process, the status of your appeal, or to find out how you can assist with the appeal, please contact us.

  • As our in-network health insurance directory is frequently changing, we encourage you to contact us and to contact your health insurance for the most up to date status prior to your surgery.

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